Please DOWNLOAD the following 2 application documents:

Application Instructions



There is a 5% Credit Card processing fee for online payments.

$55 x #of applicants x 5% credit card processing fee = TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE CHARGED
(Example: 2 applicants would be a total credit card charge of $115.50)
Use this chart below for easy reference regarding the total amount to pay based on the number of applicants.

When you pay the fee online just type in "RENTAL APPLICATION FOR FIRST NAME LAST NAME and PROPERTY STREET ADDRESS ONLY"  in the Invoice/Reference# field.  Then type in the TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE CHARGED into the payment amount field **Please pay with a credit card to get an immediate start on your rental application processing.  If you pay with a check, it can take up to 8 business days for it to clear and we cannot process your rental application until the check clears.

Pay Online
(or submit a money order to our office)

Reference Chart for Application Fees which includes the Credit Card Processing Fee
1 applicant    $57.75
2 applicants  $115.50
3 applicants  $173.25
4 applicants  $231.00
5 applicants  $288.75
6 applicants  $346.50

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